welcome to art as digital // digital as art

After attending several art exhibitions and speaking with friends and colleagues, I realised that many contemporary artists were exploring issues that I was grappling with in my own research on digital technologies.

It struck me that these artworks were not only aesthetically intriguing, but also theoretically rich, offering critical and creative perspectives on the increasing digitisation of contemporary life. These artists do not always use digital technologies as their primary medium, rather they activate a diverse range of media to interrogate our relationship to the digital. They use analogue media, embodied, performative and sound works to explore the increasingly porous threshold between the digital and the biological.

This blog is a way of collecting these perspectives and ideas. I intend to group these works thematically, so that they might speak to issues being explored in the social sciences. In some works the intent of the artist was obvious, but in others I have drawn on theories of the digital to draw out new connections and understandings. It is hoped that this interdisciplinary approach can offer another way of looking at and thinking about the issues and challenges that arise from digitisation – I have written about this here. Please contact me with suggestions of work that I can include in the blog.

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